How The Race Was Won: Gran Prix of Gloucester

The weather in Gloucester, Massachusetts, over the weekend was a bit unusual. In 2012, the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester had to content with cold, rain and lots of mud. To say 2013 was the complete opposite would represent a significant understatement. The warm, dry, dusty weather, coupled with the removal of some of the course’s more challenging terrain due to some governmental wrangling, meant that this year’s racing was extremely fast, extremely tactical, and created a weekend of racing that was pretty far from the standard Gloucester script. This week’s How The Race Was Won looks at Elle Anderson’s (Cal Giant Berry Farms / Specialized) fourth straight UCI cyclocross victory, in as many race starts, as she held off a top field at one of the pillars of American cyclocross. Your host, Cosmo Catalano, walks you through all the attacks, all the fumbles and all the action in this week’s How The Race Was Won. Have any comments, questions or rants about How The Race Was Won? Send them to Cosmo on his Twitter or check out the Cyclocosm Blog.

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