How The Race Was Won: Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock #2 Elite Men

On this week’s edition of How The Race Was Won, your host Cosmo Catalano takes you to Iowa City, Iowa, for day two of the Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock. Saturday brought blustery, slick conditions, with the local weather doing its best to effect proceedings. While the it held off for the men’s race, a light rolled through the area a couple hours before start time, making an already challenging course all that much more difficult. While the field went up the back of Mt. Krumpit, it was still a difficult, up-and-down course, and gave a perfect venue for those more technically gifted riders to strut their stuff. In the end, it was a tactical fight to the finish, and we’ll show you how it all went down on How The Race Was Won! Have any comments, questions or rants about How The Race Was Won? Send them to Cosmo on his Twitter or check out the Cyclocosm Blog.

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