How The Race Was Won: Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock #1 Elite Women

We’re back in Iowa for this week’s edition of How The Race Was Won, taking a look at Friday night’s Rock 1 at the Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock. It was cold, but it was fast, when the women hit the course after the sun had gone down, and the lights had kicked on. Jingle Cross is known for its many unique obstacles, and in the women’s way were a number of ascents up Mt. Krumpit, some trips across the Yule Logs, and much more. In the end, it was a pair of Millers and Katerina Nash who took up the front of the race, something that would become somewhat routine throughout the weekend. Which is faster, to run or to ride Mt. Krumpit? Watch this week’s How The Race Was Won to find out!

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