How The Race Was Won: Boulder Cup

October 17, 2013

Sunday’s Boulder Cup at the Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado, stood as a dress rehearsal for January’s National Championships. While the current national champion wasn’t in town to race, pretty much anyone with aspirations for the stars and stripes this winter toed the line for the elite men’s race, looking to assess the course and put their name on the list of favorites for the 2014 National Championship. Rapha-Focus’ Jeremy Powers continued a truly impressive weekend by taking the win, and he did so in unorthodox style. How The Race Was Won host Cosmo Catalano takes you through what got Jeremy to the win, who stood tall, who faltered, and most importantly, how the race was won! Have any comments, questions or rants about How The Race Was Won? Send them to Cosmo on his Twitter or check out the Cyclocosm Blog.